Avensure are a helpful and very efficient company to work with. Bev is very accommodating to any queries I have.
Company Comment:Thank you for your wonderful comments Toni, we will pass your gratitude on to Bev with pleasure. Toni Gibson is in charge of propriety at The Bleeding Wolf, situated on the Staffordshire, Cheshire Border along the A34 between Congleton and Kidsgrove. The Bleeding Wolf is a family run public House with a good reputation for Home cooked Food and a popular watering hole for many a regular customer of all age groups. A Picturesque, Pleasant looking pub with a thatched roof, cream exterior walls and in the summer season has beautiful hanging baskets. With all this in mind sometimes paper work can take a backseat, meaning HR issues can take a while to be resolved. Thanks to The Bleeding Wolfs forward thinking in hiring us, we at Avensure can take care of the paper work, while they run the pub and provide the food and service that their customers have come to expect.
Name:Toni Gibson
Job Title:Proprietor
Sector:Food & Drink
Company:MAG Leisure Ltd – (The Bleeding Wolf)
Service(s) Provided: Employment Law, HR and People, -
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Description: A picturesque pub located in the heart of Stoke on Trent, The Bleeding Wolf have been using Avensure for all aspects of their HR and Employment Law compliance. This Case Study provides a summary of the services delivered and how The Bleeding Wolf has benefitted from Avensure’s HR services.

Client: The Bleeding Wolf               Supplier: Avensure Ltd



The Bleeding Wolf
Tel: 01782782272


Web: www.thebleedingwolf.co.uk
Email: bleedingwolf@unicomemail.co.uk


About The Bleeding Wolf:

The Bleeding Wolf is a picturesque pub located in Stoke on Trent, the pub is renowned for its ideal location, a wide range of home cooked food and a vast range of drinks all served in their traditional bar.

As a family run business, they pride themselves on their welcoming and friendly atmosphere and are popular watering hole for many regular customers. The pub itself is built upon its own legend and is a story that many wish to hear.

Why did The Bleeding Wolf need HR or Employment Law Advice?

As a growing company we had been looking to obtain some guidance regarding some HR issues, and Avensure who are HR experts have been the perfect option.

We first approached Avensure for advice on the calculation of Holidays, this unfortunately had not been as straightforward as we originally thought, as given our industry we have a varied and mixed range of working patterns. We were unsure of our obligations under UK Employment Law and needed support, guidance and direction.

How did Avensure help address their HR issues?

It was quite clear from the get go that Avensure were very experienced and knowledgable in all aspects of HR and Employment Law, and we were reassured to know that we would be able to contact an advisor on the helpline at any time of day, this is imperative given the nature of our business.

Our dedicated adviser assisted us from start to finish with Holiday entitlement calculations giving us thorough guidance on the appropriate and easiest ways to make these calculations, as well as ensuring we were legally compliant under current Employment legislation.

We also had an issue with the unauthorised absence of an employee, which Avensure has helped us to understand and explained what the process was in this particular instance and discussed with us the best route for the Company.

We found this situation incredibly difficult to manage as we were unable to obtain any contact with a member of staff, and with Avensure’s support we were assured through each step that we were working towards a resolution. At every stage Avensure provided tailored letters and documents for our use. We felt relieved that we were in very capable hands with Avensure.

What services do Avensure provide The Bleeding Wolf?

What would you say to someone thinking of using Avensure's services?

We have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Avensure and their HR and Employment Law expertsHR was originally a daunting concept and we are now confident, with Avensure’s backing, that we can handle anything which comes our way. Avensure and in particular our dedicated adviser have been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout.


The Bleeding Wolf
Tel: 01782782272


Web: www.thebleedingwolf.co.uk
Email: bleedingwolf@unicomemail.co.uk