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Insight Legal Software launched in 2011 with a clear objective: to provide an innovative approach and flexible solution to law firms looking for reliable software from a committed supplier.

Our people have over 20 years experience of the legal market. Over that time, we believe we’ve established an unparalleled knowledge of what businesses need as well as what the market offers. Between us, we’ve got experience of working within a number of law firms and software companies, so we really do understand what you’re already being offered and why it might not be what you need.

Our goal is to provide exceptional software and services to small and medium sized law firms.

Insight Legal is led by former AlphaLAW Technical Director Tim Smith. Tim was responsible for the design and development of all the Windows-based AlphaLAW Solicitors systems until 2009, with his software being used by in excess of 1,000 firms and winning numerous awards and accolades from industry bodies and users alike.

When AlphaLAW became part of the IRIS Group, Tim spent some time as a Development Manager for IRIS Legal Solutions before leaving to become an independent consultant whilst embarking upon the Insight Legal project.

Insight Legal exists because we believe that small and medium sized firms deserve the same levels of service that are offered to their larger counterparts. The legal industry consists of more than 14,000 Solicitors’ firms and legal organisations, with many suppliers in the market who claim to meet the needs of those firms. Many of those suppliers have gone through substantial periods of consolidation and change and we believe that, sadly, some of them are now no longer delivering the value for money that their customers expect.

We believe that we’re different and we can prove it!