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63 Lewes Road Newhaven East Sussex BN9 9SU
01273 634781
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    A modern digital agency made up of freelancers.

    How to provide a quality service, meet expectations but still keep the price point below that of a full blown in house digital agency? Oh here’s an idea, do almost exactly what an in house digital agency does but without all the unnecessary costs.

    • No office running costs
    • Reduced time spent travelling to work and spend it actually getting stuff done
    • Don’t pay wages, pay freelancers
    • Keep the accountancy costs down

    That’s what we are, a group of freelances, all within about 30 minutes of each other, who pull together to produce great results for our clients. So the cost is less than that of your average agency but you still get the benefits of multiple points of view and skill sets as with an agency. Read on to find out who we are.